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Zines have always been a fundamental counter-culture tool; the best independent way to get ideas to the public disregarding the mass media. They’re collected, cherished and kept in a special place; we go back to them and we feel that their content it’s important, authentic and unfiltered. Advertisers are remembered and appreciated by readers as something more than just publicity, elevating their message to the category of art.

MAZY MAZY it’s this kind of independent publication. Bilingual (in Spanish and English), totally self produced, carefully designed and put together, it focuses on bringing to the light the works and ideas of creatives and collaborators around the world.

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Antic Mass YouTube

Antic Mass publishes audio-visual content via YouTube, that compliments the projects and ideas that you can see on our site. There you’ll find self produced videoclips, documentaries, live performances and interviews with some of our collaborators, amongst other visual content..

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At Antic Mass we also put together our own exclusive events (on and offline) building an open minded community around the things we love; we partner with like minded individuals and organisations to create experiences for our audience, that are meaningful and fun.

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To advertise with Antic Mass email us at info@anticmass.com

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